"Susan Smith is our go-to person for artistic photography at the ICONA Resort hotels. Susan is creative, artistic, and imaginative. She can select the right image and medium to be printed on for any environment. She photographed the kitchens, boardroom, and ballroom for our brochures and website. Susan is a real problem solver and can design artwork to fit any area. We at ICONA Resorts appreciate her work and will continue to work with her in the future."
Eustace W. Mita, Chairman and CEO, ICONA Resorts

“With her remarkably keen eye, Susan Smith takes an ordinary slice of natural life and renders it extraordinary!”

Betsy Porth, Naples, FL

"There is never a guest that leaves my home that hasn’t asked me where I found the photography of flowers and the ocean, complimenting the uniqueness of it."
A Preston, Houston

"My husband bought two of Susan's amazing photos as a surprise for me and, gosh, was it a fantastic surprise! Susan has a true gift for capturing the vibrancy, vitality, and beauty of everything she photographs, even big ole trucks like the ones I now have adorning the walls of my living room!"
Dara Goldberg, Philadelphia PA

"Susan's work brings a breath of fresh air to any room...with vibrant colors… it’s like living in a garden...I love the purple flower she custom made for me to surround my wall lamp in my grandkids bedroom!"
Midge Rendell, Philadelphia PA

"I have hung Susan Smith’s photograph of the kite flyer in a place where I see it often because whenever I see it I SMILE. There is so much energy in it!"
Elizabeth Turner, Kingston, Tennessee

"Susan’s images lend themselves well to complement an interior from the standpoint of color and detail. They provide just the right pop of color whether they are printed and framed or on metal unframed."
Bella Schneider, Philadelphia, PA

"I have worked with Susan Smith on a few projects and she has been knowledgeable and creative in her assistance in designing an ongoing art gallery for our offices. Many of her images have been adorning my office walls even prior to this venture. My patients admire them and frequently ask how to get in touch with the artist. I use her greeting cards for all occasions and those who receive them keep them because of the beautiful photos."
Lillian Cohn MD, FACP